Producer's Guide
to Anti-Money Laundering

Preventing financial crimes

As an insurance producer, you are in a unique position to both serve your clients and serve your country by helping to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities.

The Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) regulations require insurance companies to establish AML programs that include, among other things, the integration of agents and the reporting of suspicious transactions.

We must take steps to ensure that all transactions comply with these AML regulations. As one of our producers, you must comply with the following requirements when selling our individual life insurance and annuity products:

  • Complete anti-money laundering training every two years (Nassau currently only accepts LIMRA and RegEd courses) as well as review and understand your obligations with respect to our AML program as outlined in the Producer's Guide to Anti-Money Laundering
  • Know your customer
  • Accept only approved types of payment from customers
  • Notify Nassau immediately if you detect any money laundering red flags

If you detect red flags or suspicious activity in the course of selling our products, you must contact our Corporate Compliance Department on the AML Hotline at 1-800-496-8819 or email Please note that referral to Compliance is treated confidentially and may not be discussed with any third parties.

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