Nassau Growth Annuity®

Product Overview

Nassau Growth Annuity ®

Product Overview


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Nassau Growth Annuity offers powerful growth potential and options for generating future income.

Consumer Description

Nassau Growth Annuity is a single premium accumulation-focused fixed indexed annuity with guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit options. It offers options to help contract holders accumulate money by leveraging several indexed accounts which earn interest based on the positive performance of one of three indices, all while protecting the growth from market losses.


Nassau Growth Annuity can help individuals build on their contract growth for their future income needs when the Amplified Income, Amplified Income with Rising Income Opportunity (RIO), Amplified Income Plus, or Amplified Income Plus with RIO rider* is added, for an additional fee by leveraging its features to potentially boost their income payments. Riders are only available with 10 year surrender charge schedule contracts for issue ages 80 and below.

*Future income provided by these riders is dependent on the annuity's performance.

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Nassau Growth Annuity®


Product Specifications

Rates for new contracts effective: September 2022

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Core Product

  Min Max
Issue Ages with rider 0 80
Issue Ages without rider 0 85
Premium $15K $1M
Annual Free Withdrawal 10%
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