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This page provides links to articles and information to gain tips and insights on Social Security benefits. Use this information to learn more about Social Security filing strategies and how you can help your clients maximize their total retirement income.

Social Security Hub

If you have clients that are thinking about filing for Social Security, then they likely have many questions about how it works. These resources provide valuable insights and practical guidance to help you assist your clients in maximizing their Social Security benefits and achieving longterm financial security.

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Clients Need Help Finding the Right Time to File for Social Security Benefits

Clients may need help determining the optimal time to file for Social Security benefits, considering factors such as life expectancy, financial needs, and spousal benefits.

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Five Tips for Talking About Social Security with Clients

Learn five valuable tips when discussing Social Security with clients, including the importance of goal setting, education, and how technology can help analyze different claiming strategies.

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Why We Need to Have More Conversations
About Social Security

Explore how Social Security benefits can play a crucial role in financial security during retirement and how advisors can help engage their clients in discussions about optimizing their Social Security filing strategy.

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Two Common Mistakes People Make When
Filing for Social Security

Read two common mistakes people make when filing for Social Security benefits, including the risk of filing too early and not taking spousal benefits.

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Don't Rush to the Exit: Social Security Filing Advice

Learn more about why clients should not rush into filing for Social Security benefits without careful consideration.

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A Social Security Secret: Divorced Spousal Benefits

Explore a lesser-known aspect of Social Security benefits called divorced spousal benefits, where clients can potentially claim Social Security benefits based on their ex-spouse’s work record.

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Wealth Tech Ondeck

Debunking Common Myths about Annuities

Tom Buckingham, Chief Growth Officer at Nassau, joins Jack Sharry, EVP and Chief Growth Officer at LifeYield, to discuss how Nassau serves the middle market and mass affluent pre-retirees and retirees, as well as what drives Nassau to partner with LifeYield to help clients with social security benefits.

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Jeff Quigley, VP at LifeYield

Making Social Security Conversations Easier

Most retirement plans start with Social Security. However, very few people actually understand how their payment is determined or what their check could be. On the That Annuity Show podcast, Jeff Quigley, VP at LifeYield, discusses his mission to change how people approach and understand Social Security—and how is company is actually doing it.

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Jack Sharry, EVP and Chief Growth Officer of LifeYield

Advancing Digital Capabilities and Retiretech

On the Re/Imagine podcast, Jack Sharry, EVP and Chief Growth Officer of LifeYield, dives into the future of retirement planning and discusses how, together with Nassau, we plan to shape the future of retirement planning by focusing on three key areas: Education, Retiretech Technology, and Annuities.

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