Service Forms

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Most Commonly Requested Service Forms

File your required minimum distribution (RMD) election.

  Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Election Form - OL4041

Use this form to make changes to your Federal or State tax withholding elections.

  Federal/State Income Tax Withholding Election - OL4753

Authorize the company to start paying benefits included in a Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Rider

  Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Rider Activation - OL4467

Give Nassau Re authority to share policy information with another party.

  Disclosure Authorization for Release of Policy/Contract Information - HO5074A

Update the address we have on file with your policy. When filling out the form, be sure to include the name of annuitant or insured and the contract/policy number. Choose whether you are changing the address for the owner, annuitant, insured, assignee, or a recipient of a duplicate notice. Provide the name and contact information of the policy owner. This form requires the signature of the owner and joint owner (if any).

  Address Change - OL4016

Update the account used for direct deposits sent to owner(s) of the policy/contract.

  Change Direct Deposit - OL4020

Certify the existence of a trust, as well as current trustees and/or successors.

  Certification and Acknowledgement of Trust Agreement - OL4132A

Update the name we have on file with your policy.

  Name Change - OL3135

Designate individual(s) as new owner(s).

  Ownership Change to Individual(s) - OL2346A

Designate a trust as new owner.

  Ownership Change to a Trust - OL2346E

Note: The Certification and Acknowledgment of Trust form must also be completed and submitted.

Change the beneficiary designation on any of of your life or annuity policies.

  Beneficiary Designation - OL122A

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Completed forms can be faxed to (321) 400-6316 or mailed to Nassau Re, PO Box 22012, Albany, NY 12201-2012