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When your client says yes to a Nassau product, our eApp helps you get the contract issued quickly and painlessly. It's the easy, fast and smart way to submit your business!

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Business Benefits

  • Intelligent Data Entry – Highlights required fields based on application answers

  • Reduce NIGOs – Error indicators ensure forms are fully completed

  • State-Specific Forms – Automatically generate the applicable forms for state of issue

  • Electronic Signature – Clients sign either at the point of sale or via email

  • Suitability Instant Decision Guarantee – Receive an upfront answer as to whether your client's annuity app will meet Nassau's suitability standards


eApp is supported on computer-based web browsers, iPad and Android tablets. Devices must be connected to the internet. We do not recommend using eApp on Smartphones. eApp is not optimized for the devices.

You and your client(s) must have email addresses to complete the signatures and submit. If any person signing does not have a valid email address, eApp will not allow the case to be submitted. In this case, you may choose to complete the forms in Firelight, then print the forms, ink sign, and mail the paperwork. This way you are still benefitting from Firelight editing and form selection functions.

Possible reasons include:

  • You must be contracted and appointed with an insurance carrier of Nassau for the product being applied for.
  • You must be logged into SalesNet. Also remember that SalesNet will time out users after a few minutes of inactivity
  • Disable pop-up blockers on your web browser.
  • Is the Form Entry at 100%?
  • If yes, select Continue to proceed to signatures.
  • If no, select the forms drop-down and select the form in red.

Although your name will appear in the signature box as you provide it, we require that you use your mouse or touchscreen to sign. Just select an area inside the signature box, click and drag to provide your signature.

We understand it can be difficult to troubleshoot questions from your client when they receive an email request from you. Please refer to our Client Signature User Guide for detailed information that will enable you to understand what your client can expect during the signing process, and the notifications you can expect from our eApp.

Although all browsers are supported by eApp, we have seen intermittent issues during the signing process. We suggest you or your client try switching browsers to Firefox.

Once we receive your completed eApp, it will be processed in the order it was received. You can check the status of your case on SalesNet. Please allow up to 72 hours for your case to appear on the pending report.

  • For General Instructions, see the user guide
  • For Technical Support, call 800-541-0171; option 1, option 1
  • For Product Information, call 888-794-4447