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February Webinars: Ditch the Spreadsheet; Offer Our Flexible, New Income Options!

Find out even more about Nassau Income Accelerator (NIA) – our new fixed indexed annuity (FIA) launched in January. Join us for a variety of illustration scenarios if you’re tired of the spreadsheeting game, want to offer innovative income solutions, and put more income amount and timing flexibility within your clients’ control. Also find out how to unlock more benefits for your repeat business with Nassau!

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For Producer Use Only. Not for use in solicitation or advertising to the public.

Product features, rider options, and availability may vary by state. Annuity product sales must be appropriate based on a comprehensive evaluation of the customer's financial situation, needs, and objectives. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company. Nassau does not provide financial, investment or tax advice or act as a fiduciary in the sale or service of its products. Nassau reserves the right to revise declared rates at any time.

Nassau Income Accelerator (19FIA, ICC19EIAN, 19ISN, 19GLWB2, 22GLWB, 22GLWB1.1, 23GLWB2.1, ICC22GLWB1.1, ICC23GLWB2.1, et al.) Nassau Bonus Annuity (19FIA3, ICC19FIA3, 19GLWB3, ICC19GLWB3.1), Nassau Growth Annuity (19FIA3, ICC19FIA3N, 19GLWB3, ICC19GLWB3.1, 19ECH, ICC19ECH), Nassau Personal Income Annuity (19FIA, ICC19EIAN, 19ISN, 19GLWB2, ICC19GLWB2.1, ICC19GLWB2.2), Nassau Personal Protection Choice (19FIA, ICC19EIAN, 19RN, 19GLWB2, 19GMDB-S.1, 19EWB, ICC19GLWB2.1, ICC20EWB.1, et al.), Nassau Simple Annuity (18FADTCP and ICC18FADTCP), and Nassau MYAnnuity 5X/7X (18IFDAP and ICC18IFDAP/ICC18IFDANP) are issued by Nassau Life and Annuity Company (Hartford, CT). In California, Nassau Life and Annuity Company does business as "Nassau Life and Annuity Insurance Company." Nassau Life and Annuity Company is not authorized to conduct business in ME and NY, but that is subject to change. In New York, Nassau MYAnnuity 5X (17IMGA) is issued by Nassau Life Insurance Company (East Greenbush, NY). Nassau Life and Annuity Company and Nassau Life Insurance Company are subsidiaries of Nassau Financial Group. The insurers are separate entities and each is responsible only for its own financial condition and contractual obligations.

Insurance Products: NOT FDIC or NCUAA Insured | NO Bank or Credit Union Guarantee