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We license only the most professional independent agents in the industry

Our Business Outlook

We have built strong relationships with independent agents and policyholders since 1851. However, changing financial markets, new customer expectations, and rapid changes in technology are reshaping our business. We are working through Saybrus Partners to build a platform that will help agents continue to succeed in this new environment.

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A strong partner

  • Providing insurance since 1851
  • 486,000 policies and contracts
  • 10,000 licensed agents
  • Refreshed commitment for stable growth
  • Mobile quotes and tools to build your business
  • Online applications and rapid updates
  • Strong customer service team
  • Long-tenured employees who understand the business

A broad annuity product portfolio

Our retirement products include
strong guaranteed income riders and other protection benefits.

A single-premium indexed annuity that may offer protection from market loss, a 10-year surrender charge period, and lifetime income via a choice of two optional guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit riders. Learn more

A single-premium indexed annuity that may offer protection from market loss, a 10-year surrender charge period, and suite of optional riders. Learn more

A long-term retirement planning vehicle to help you make the most of your hard-earned savings and may help create a more secure financial future. Learn more

A single premium accumulation-focused fixed indexed annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit rider. Learn more

A single-premium multi-year guaranteed annuity offering a choice of 5 year or 7 year guarantee periods and free withdrawal options. Learn more

Under New Leadership

Charting a course for a bright future

Our mission is to build a franchise across the insurance value chain. With extensive experience as owner-operators of numerous insurance and financial services businesses, we believe we have a competitive advantage in building a strong platform over the long term.

Nassau Re currently has combined assets of approximately $20 billion. Our business covers four segments: insurance, reinsurance, distribution and asset management through affiliates including Nassau Life and Annuity, Constitution Life, Nassau Re (Cayman) Ltd, Saybrus Partners, Nassau CorAmerica and Nassau Corporate Credit.

Nassau Re was founded in 2015 by Phil Gass and Kostas Cheliotis with capital provided by Golden Gate Capital, a private investment firm with over $17 billion of committed capital.

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Phillip J. Gass
Chief Executive Officer

Phil is a co-founder of Nassau Re and serves as chairman and chief executive officer. Learn more.

Kostas Cheliotis
General Counsel & COO

Kostas, also known as Gus, is a co-founder of Nassau Re and is responsible for legal affairs, strategy and corporate functions. Learn more.

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