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In this video series, you'll receive an overview of Nassau’s annuities and Medicare Supplement insurance program, as well as best practices on how to submit new business with us. Our goal is to get you up to speed and selling with Nassau quickly and effectively.

Series Overview

Mark Fitzgerald, National Sales Manager

New Business Tips and Tricks


Submitting Your First Case

Haylie Reuter, AVP New Business


Suitability Overview

R.J. Hyson, Chief Suitability Officer


Doing Business on SalesNet

Prepared by Tisa Rabun-Marshall, AVP Marketing

Product Overview

Jan Buchsbaum, Chief Product Officer


Nassau Income Accelerator SM


Nassau Bonus Annuity SM


Nassau Growth Annuity ®


Nassau Personal Income Annuity®


Nassau Personal Protection Choice®


Nassau MYAnnuity® 5X/7X



Medicare Supplement Insurance

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For producer use only. Not for use with the general public as sales literature.

Product features, rider options, and availability may vary by state. Annuity product sales must be appropriate based on a comprehensive evaluation of the customer's financial situation, needs, and objectives. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing company. Nassau does not provide financial, investment or tax advice or act as a fiduciary in the sale or service of its products.

Nassau Life and Annuity Company, the Nassau Income Accelerator Annuity and the Nassau Flex-Forward Income Benefit rider are NOT connected with, recommended, or endorsed by any governmental program, agency, or entity, including the Social Security Administration.

Annuities are long-term insurance products particularly suitable for retirement assets. Annuities are not meant to be used to meet short-term financial goals. Annuities held within qualified plans do not provide any additional tax benefit. Early withdrawals may be subject to surrender charges, recovery of non-vested premium bonus, market value adjustment and applicable pro-rated rider and strategy fees. Withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax, and if taken prior to age 59½, a 10% IRS penalty may also apply. Please consult the applicable product and rider disclosures for a full description of features, benefits, and restrictions.

Nassau fixed indexed annuities offer a Fixed Account and a variety of Indexed Accounts. The contracts do not directly participate in any stock, bond or equity investment. Dividend payments and distributions are not received from any index or component of any index. We may change, add or eliminate indexed accounts. Certain accounts may not be available in all states.

Nassau Income Accelerator (19FIA, ICC19EIAN, 19ISN, 19GLWB2, 22GLWB, 22GLWB1.1, 23GLWB2.1, ICC22GLWB1.1, ICC23GLWB2.1, et al.), Nassau Bonus Annuity (19FIA3, ICC19FIA3, 19GLWB3, ICC19GLWB3.1), Nassau Growth Annuity (19FIA3, ICC19FIA3N, 19GLWB3, ICC19GLWB3.1, 19ECH, ICC19ECH), Nassau Personal Income Annuity (19FIA, ICC19EIAN, 19ISN, 19GLWB2, ICC19GLWB2.1, ICC19GLWB2.2), Nassau Personal Protection Choice (19FIA, ICC19EIAN, 19RN, 19GLWB2, 19GMDB-S.1, 19EWB, ICC19GLWB2.1, ICC20EWB.1, et al.), Nassau MYAnnuity 5X/7X (18IFDAP and ICC18IFDAP/ICC18IFDANP) and Nassau Simple Annuity (18FADTCP and ICC18FADTCP) are issued by Nassau Life and Annuity Company (Hartford, CT). In California, Nassau Life and Annuity Company does business as "Nassau Life and Annuity Insurance Company." Nassau Life and Annuity Company is not authorized to do business in ME and NY, but that is subject to change. In New York, Nassau MYAnnuity 5X (17IMGA) is issued by Nassau Life Insurance Company (East Greenbush, NY). Medicare Supplement insurance is issued by Nassau Life Insurance Company of Kansas (Overland Park, KS). Nassau Life and Annuity Company, Nassau Life Insurance Company and Nassau Life Insurance Company of Kansas are subsidiaries of Nassau Financial Group. The insurers are separate entities and each is responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations.

Insurance Products: NOT FDIC or NCUAA Insured | NO Bank or Credit Union Guarantee