Get Started

Here’s an overview of the steps to start selling Nassau products

We support a “just in time” contracting model. Your process for becoming contracted and appointed with us begins when you submit your first application. Depending on the product, Steps 1 and 2 must be completed prior to solicitation of the sale.

  • 1


    We are strongly committed to complying with regulatory requirements and upholding ethical business practices to discourage the inappropriate sales of our products. Learn more about our suitability guidelines and get answers to questions about annuity suitability.

  • 2

    Complete Product Training

    Learn the specific product training and continuing education requirements for your state. And, be sure to complete our annuity training course prior to any solicitation.

  • 3

    Submit Applications in Good Order

    You can download applications here or obtain a link from your Distributor for eApplication access. Help ensure your client’s policy or contract is issued quickly and correctly by following instructions included in the cover sheet of the downloadable package.

  • 4

    Submit Contracting Paperwork

    Your distributor will provide you with several forms you need to complete, sign and return to them. They will send them directly to us for processing.

  • 5

    Complete Anti-Money Laundering Training

    We require you complete or show evidence you have completed Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training. Once your contracting paperwork is approved, we will provide more details. We make available to you the LIMRA AML course and/or accepts RegEd courses. This must be completed every two years. Learn more about your AML obligations.

  • 6

    Become Appointed

    We complete the appointment process upon receipt of the first formal application, except for the state of Pennsylvania. This is currently the only pre-appointment state that requires appointment prior to the solicitation and application submission.

  • 7

    Get Paid

    Compensation statements are available by logging in to the Reports section of SalesNet. Specific payment percentages are detailed in the compensation schedule included in your contract. Compensation schedules with rate specific information will be provided as an amendment to your contract as new products are introduced to our portfolio.