Understanding Nassau Growth Annuity® Income Rider Options

In this video course, you'll learn about the four optional Guaranteed Lifetime Income riders available with Nassau Growth Annuity® (NGA), our accumulation-focused deferred fixed indexed annuity. They will help your clients find the right balance between guaranteed and predictable income and the opportunity for growing income in later years for different fees.


Course Introduction


Income Riders Introduction

Nassau Growth Annuity offers the potential to grow your client’s future guaranteed income payments based on the performance of the fixed indexed annuity contract. Your client may select from one of four guaranteed lifetime income riders, each available for an additional fee.


How These Income Riders Work

Upon issue of each of NGA's four riders, an income benefit base is set at the contract value that has the potential to grow over time. This income benefit base determines the amount of the guaranteed income payment. The more the income benefit base grows, the more the potential income payment also builds.


3% Annual Roll Ups

In exchange for a higher fee, your client can guarantee that the income benefit base continues to grow with 3% simple interest roll ups, regardless of the contract’s performance, for up to 15 years or until rider exercise (if sooner).


Steady Income or Rising Income Opportunity?

When your client decides to start taking income, do they want a steady check each month or do they want the opportunity for that check to potentially increase over time? Two of NGA’s riders have options for Steady Income, two with Rising Income Opportunity.


Selecting a Rider

Your client may ask how to go about choosing a rider option. Let us help you by asking a few important questions.



Nassau Growth annuity offers some liquidity should your client’s needs change over time.


Rider Fees

Each year, a fee will be deducted from your client's contract value. The fee is equal to 0.25% for Amplified Income and Amplified Income with RIO riders, and 0.95% for Amplified Income Plus and Amplified Income Plus with RIO riders—multiplied by the Income Benefit Base.



Review the core product features and benefits for NGA’s income riders one last time.