An Overview of Nassau Bonus AnnuitySM

In this video series, you'll learn about Nassau Bonus Annuity, a single premium deferred fixed indexed annuity that offers a guaranteed up-front premium bonus, growth opportunities, and principal protection. You’ll also receive an overview of the optional Guaranteed Lifetime Income riders, available for a fee. These riders can help your clients find the right balance between guaranteed, predictable income, and the opportunity for growing that income in later years.


Course Introduction


Understanding the Premium Bonus

Nassau Bonus Annuity immediately adds a premium bonus to the contract value. The initial premium plus premium bonus helps jumpstart savings while providing growth potential for the future. The premium bonus is not immediately available for withdrawal and vests over time.


Growth and Principal Protection

Nassau Bonus Annuity offers a variety of indexed accounts that can potentially credit interest during times of positive market performance. Nassau Bonus Annuity also helps guard against market losses with principal protection.


Liquidity and Withdrawals

With Nassau Bonus Annuity, your clients can withdraw up to 10% of their contract value each year without incurring any charges or fees. However, withdrawals above this amount may be subject to surrender charges, a market value adjustment, recovery of non-vested premium bonus, and pro-rated rider and strategy fees, if applicable.


Introduction to Income Riders

Nassau Bonus Annuity offers the potential to grow future guaranteed income payments based on the performance of the fixed indexed annuity contract. Clients may select from one of two optional guaranteed lifetime income riders, each available for an additional fee: Amplified Income Plus and Amplified Income Plus with Rising Income Opportunity (RIO).


How the Income Riders Work

Learn how the optional riders available with Nassau Bonus Annuity include features that can grow the income benefit base and how this impacts the guaranteed lifetime income payment.


Steady or Rising Income Opportunity

Amplified Income Plus includes a Steady Income stream, while Amplified Income Plus with RIO includes a Rising Income Opportunity. The amount of the guaranteed income payment and whether or not it changes over time will vary. The amount will change based on the option chosen, when the rider is exercised, and the performance of the annuity contract.


Withdrawals Impact on Riders

Understand how withdrawals taken from the annuity's contract value will impact future guaranteed income payments.


How Rider Fees Work

Each year, a fee will be deducted from the contract value. The fee is equal to 0.95% multiplied by the Income Benefit Base for both the Amplified Income Plus and Amplified Income Plus with RIO riders.


Riders Recap

Receive a recap of Amplified Income Plus and Amplified Income Plus with RIO’s benefits, including similarities and key distinctions.



Combining an upfront premium bonus with robust growth potential, Nassau Bonus Annuity provides strong value for retirees looking for guarantees today with future upside potential.