Annuity Suitability

Avoid common mistakes filling out the questionnaire

Here are helpful guides, additional explanation of terms and commonly missed steps for completing the Annuity Suitability Questionnaire (Form OL4525). This form can be accessed by selecting applicable state and product in online Applications and Forms.

Customer Identification Verification Form Guide

Annuity Suitability Questionnaire Guide

Annuity Replacement Comparison Worksheet Guide

Liquid Assets

A liquid asset is one that can be accessed in a short period of time without a penalty or loss of principal, e.g. checking/savings/money market accounts, short-term CDs, mutual funds, stocks/bonds, cash value of life insurance. Liquid assets DO NOT include the premium purchasing the annuity, qualified retirements accounts, or free amounts from other annuities.

Medical Coverage

When a client applies for an annuity, we need to know if the client has any other medical insurance coverage. Please inform us if a client is still working and has group coverage (such as a Rx plan, LTC policy, Med Supp or Veteran’s coverage) through an employer.

Surrender Charge

List separately by company each fee the client will incur, including any loss of value or bonus recapture.

Customer Identification Verification

In Section B, previous occupation is required. Leaving this field blank or listing "retired" will not be accepted. See the AML training section for more information on the CIV form.